Friday, October 16, 2015

100 till nothin' left

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From the tip-off to the final buzzer, these two athletes give 100. Their love for this game shows through their hustle and heart. The versatility and speed of these athletes brings their style of play to a whole different level. They love this game and it shows by the way that they put their sweat and soul into every minute of every game.

Zach Fuji & Ben Lawson

These two 7th graders have been with Fryer Basketball Academy for quite some time now, faithful to the game and their craft. They are in for an exciting season and a bright basketball career. 

Get to know why love this sport, their favorite kicks, and dreams for their own game.

 What are you looking forward to this season?
Z: I hope our team can win a championship.
B: I’m excited to getting the team better.

Favorite aspect about basketball?
Z: I would say getting to play with your team & building teamwork.
B: I like getting to play as a team.

What skills are you working on this year?
Z: My shooting overall
B: My shooting form

Describe your game in 3 words?
Z: Fast, Physical, Hustle
B: Pass, Dribble, Shoot

Favorite post-game meal?
Z: I usually want a double cheese-burger after a game
B: Post-game In-N-Out for me

Sock game or shoe game?
Z: Shoe game
B: Shoe game
Pre-game ritual?
Z: This is weird, but we always put on chapstick & eat a mint.
B: I just mentally prepare before the game by myself.

Favorite pair of basketball kicks?
Z: Kobe’s
B: Me too, Kobe’s

Choose 3 on 3 match up [you can be on one of the teams]:
Z: Me, Ben, & Max Wallace vs. LeBron, Kobe, & CP3
B: Me, Zach, & Coach Jonah vs. Durant, LeBron, & Nash

2016 NBA Champs?
Z: Warriors
B: Cavs

Favorite NBA player of all-time?
Z: Kobe Bryant
B: Michael Jordan

If you could play for any NBA team, who would it be?
Z: Lakers
B: Lakers

Dreams for your basketball future?
Z: I want to make the varsity team in high school
B: I’d like to make varsity as well in middle school

Who inspires you?
Z: My family and, in basketball, my dad, because he got me into this sport.
B: My parents.

What motivates you?
Z: My mom and dad pep-talking me and pushing me
B: My parents and coaches

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