Thursday, November 12, 2015

Charged Up

Article & Photos: Elise Leepin //

Parker gets a pass from his teammate and makes his way down the court, as this point guard casually glides the ball between his legs and behind the back, scheming up a brilliant play in his mind. This is just who Parker is.

 He makes it look easy. 

And although it may look easy, you can trust the work to make it look easy has not been easy.  Parker works at his craft, putting all his efforts into being the best possible athlete he can be. He sees the bigger picture of the game, doing the little things just as his coach, Tino Zaragoza, has taught him to do. After all, a point guard has to be an extension of the coach on the floor and Parker fills that role perfectly. This talented young point guard does it all,  eager to make the steal, grab the board, hit the buzzer-beater three, get the assist to his teammates. 
And that handle of his, well that's something you've got to see for yourself.

Whatever needs to be done, Parker gets it done. He's prepared for the season ahead, with more motivation than ever to help lead his team to success.

Parker is charged up & ready to go.

What are you excited for this season?
I'm excited to play a lot of basketball and just have fun out there on the court.

Describe your game in three words.
Quick, sharp-shooting, handle

Favorite NBA player?
Kobe Bryant

Starting 5 dream team.
Kobe, MJ, Magic, Bird, and Kareem

What are you looking to improve upon this season?
I really want to work on my passing.

What is your favorite part about basketball?
I love shooting.

Sock game or shoe game?
Oh, that's tough! I'd say sock game.

Any players in particular that you enjoyed watching in college last year?
Aaron Harrison of Kentucky

Favorite basketball moment?
In a game a few weeks ago at one of our tournaments. There were 20 seconds left in the game and I hit a 3 to win it.

Alright, who is going to be the 2016 NBA champs?
Golden State Warriors

What motivates you?
I strive to be the best.

Goal for this year for your team?
I want our team to win a championship.

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