Sunday, November 29, 2015

Heart & Soul

Article & Photos: Elise Leepin //

From the moment Jackson laces up his KD's, it's game time. He hustles on both ends of the floor, seeing the whole court both offensively & defensively. He's a unique player and a leader by example. 
He helps to control the tempo of the game, slowing down the ball when needed or picking up the pace to hit that clutch three. Whether it's the perfect assist, the tricky steal, or the famous shot from his sweet spot, Jackson gets it done. 

With big dreams to make it to the highest level in this game, anyone that watches him play will quickly believe in those big dreams of his. 

Because dreams become real when you put you heart & soul into this game.

What do you looking forward to in the upcoming season?
I'm excited to play in tournaments and travel.

What do you love about basketball?
I love it because it's a fast moving sport. Also, you get to bond with your teammates over the season, making lifelong relationships.

Describe your game in 3 words.
Tiring, challenging, fun

What are you working on in particular this season?
Getting better at my shooting

Pre-game ritual?
Before I leave for my game, I go outside into my front yard to practice my shooting & listen to music.

Where is your sweet spot on the court?
Three pointer from the left wing.

Favorite NBA player?
Steph Curry

Favorite NBA team?

What are your favorite pair of shoes to hoop in?
KD's & Kobe's 

Do you have any dreams for your basketball career? 
I want to get to the NBA.

You wear number 7. Did you pick that number or was it random?
I picked it; 7 is my lucky number.

What motivates you do get better every day?
Just thinking of the going to the NBA someday. It would be amazing to do what I love for a living. 

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